Local support, local Tied Agents

ETRADER with our Tied Agents are ready to help its clients in their native language through its local Tied Agents. Our goal is to approach our clients as much as possible and provide a first class service. Thanks to our Tied Agents we are able to fully understand the needs of our clients in each country they are established and provide the best service to our Clients .

Native language support

At a dynamic Forex market it is all about timing and speed. In addition we provide customer support in the native language of the customer.

Refined system of education

On the webpage you find many videos and webinars which explain the basic usage of trading platforms, brings closer basic trading strategies or money management fundamentals. Thanks to the variety of our educational products, clients get useful information for their trading.

Low spreads, generous leverage

eTrader provides its clients with competitive spreads in combination with generous leverage effect. With normal market conditions we provide low spreads for all major world currency pairs and wide range of variety of spreads for exotic currencies.

Trading is risky and your entire investment may be at risk.