Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Methods Minimum deposit Maximum deposit
rakusko $250 Unlimited
rakusko $100 $10.000
rakusko $250 Unlimited
Methods Minimum Withdrawal Withdrawal
rakusko $250

eTrader does not charge any commission on your deposits or withdrawals. All payment and transfer charges of third parties will be borne by the Client and the Company shall debit the relevant

In case you would like to deposit your Cash, please put the money into Your bank account first and then wire it from your account to the particular Company`s account.

Financial institutions safeguarding client funds

Name Regulator Country of registration
Hypovereinsbank AG Deutsche Bundesbank Germany
Bank of Cyprus Central Bank of Cyprus Cyprus
UniCredit Bank CZ and SK, a.s. – Slovakia Národná banka Slovenska Slovakia
UniCredit Bank CZ and SK, a.s. – Czech Republic Česká národní banka Czech Republic
UniCredit Banka Slovenija D.D. Banka Slovenije Slovenia
Trustpay a.s. Národná banka Slovenska Slovakia
Dotpay S.A. Narodowy Bank Polski Poland
National Bank of Greece Bank of Greece Greece
Orangepay Česká národní banka Czech Republic
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Trading is risky and your entire investment may be at risk.