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Transition to “green” loans

The banking report published by the European Union aims to define sustainable investments to reduce “greenwashing.” However, better data published by companies are needed to achieve this goal. Rules defined as sustainable financing must meet the criteria for channelling cash to low-carbon projects to meet the block’s climate goals.

A report by the United Nations Financial Initiative for the Environment and the European Banking Federation states that creditors generally welcome the rules as they seek to reconcile their business with the transition to a low-carbon economy.

At present, it is only pending to align lending with the monitoring of loans granted, so that the EU can map whether business activities are sustainable or not.

Taiwan surprised with its economic growth

According to a Reuters’ survey, Taiwan’s economy grew by 3.61% in the fourth quarter in 2020, after 3.92% growth in the third quarter. The country is a key node in the global technology supply chain for technology giants, based on which the country’s GDP growth is dependent on exports. Exports rose 4.9% to $345.28 billion in 2020, a record high in a single year.

Taiwan’s central bank revised its economic growth prospects for 2020 from 1.6% to 2.58% in the last month of last year, and expects 3.68% growth in the current year, compared with 3.28% at the last quarterly meeting.

Taiwan’s economy is highly dependent on China’s largest trading partner. Thanks to China’s massive 6.5% growth last year, Taiwan also converged.

Coronavirus has increased the demand for cyberattack insurance

Elisabeth Stadlerova, CEO of the Austrian insurance group Vienna Insurance Group, said that in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, there was a growing interest not only in health insurance but also in cyberattack insurance. On the other hand, the company recorded a reduction in claims for motor insurance.

The company was able to expand during the pandemic with the acquisition of the Dutch insurer Aegon operating in Hungary, Poland, Romania and Turkey. Thanks to the acquisition, the company increased its customers by 4.5 million and a pension fund of 5 billion euros.

According to Standlerova, the current strategy called Agenda 2020 serves to optimize the business model in terms of cost-effectiveness, synergies and by increasing market potential and ensuring future viability. This plan should be developed until 2025, mainly to strengthen its market position.

A massive slump in the Asian market

After problems arose with approving the $1.9 trillion in Biden administration’s stimulus, market sentiment reversed, bringing US government bond yields to three weeks lows. Asian stocks also responded on Tuesday with declines from record highs, recording the largest 1-day decline in two months. Indices in Hong Kong and South Korea recorded the biggest drop by more than 2%.

Performance of indexes Hang Seng a KOSPI (Source of the graph: Tradingview)

Hyundai’s quarterly results surprised

Hyundai Motor published quarterly results for the fourth quarter of 2020. Thanks to the growing demand for their SUVs and the Genesis brand, the company reported 57% profit growth. On the other hand, the results were slightly below expectations due to the appreciation of the South Korean won. Revenues grew by 5% to 29.2 billion won.

Performance of Hyundai’s shares (Source of the graph: Tradingview)

Watch this week:

Thursday, January 28, 2021

The U.S. will publish GDP growth for the fourth quarter on quarter-on-quarter base. The expectation is 4% growth after 33.4% growth in the third quarter.*

Friday, January 29, 2021

Germany will publish GDP growth for the fourth quarter on a year-over-year base. Analysts expect a 3.4% decline.*

Canada will publish GDP developments in November. Unchanged 0.4% growth is expected on a month-over-month base*.

Source of the text: Investing, Zerohedge, Financial Times, Reuters, Tradingview

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